Virtual is the new reality.

There is here. Instantly. And it’s all in 4K.

Gone are the days of allocating time and internal resources to conduct site surveys on location, then relay the (second-hand) information back to the team. Now you can put every single stakeholder on-site, anytime, even if they’re halfway around the world. And what they see will be realer than real.

Silvercloud Virtual Walkthroughs are interactive, self-guided site tours in ultra-high-def 4K. Which allows you to see things you’d never notice if you were actually there. From unlimited asset tags and documentation to ultra-close-up views that reveal details the human eye might miss. All in one compact PDF file, easily accessed from the cloud by every member of your team, for streamlined collaboration and optimized decision-making.


Save time

Reduce errors

Plan smarter

Make your budget go farther

All without leaving your desk


“Very impressive virtual walkthroughs. The resolution and ability to see details is fantastic and enables us to clearly demonstrate line-of-sight privacy issues to our bank customers.”

Kurt Askenasy  |  President, Privacy Film Specialists

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