Retail – Convenience Store Asset Survey


Case Study

C-Store remodel program. Customer has multiple stores and no two are alike or have the same equipment.


1. Need to verify equipment assets at each location.

2. Need to identify equipment asset locations at each store.

3. Need to document the overall store layout as a point of reference to redesign.


1. Virtual Walkthroughs enabled the customer to see equipment assets and with the use of Asset Tags we were able to ID assets along with detailed photos of each to better identify equipment models, condition, etc. to determine reuse or replace.

2. Virtual Walkthroughs enabled the customer to see locations of all assets.

3. A diagrammatic Floor Plan of each location was automatically generated from the Virtual Walkthrough model which enabled the design firm to space plan and redesign the locations.


Floor Plan






Asset Tagging



Asset Tagging Detail



Dynamic 4K imagery


Walkthrough Icon.png